About Inzypre

Inzpyre is a community-facing brand supporting the work of ZIP Coalitions in their mission to implement the ZERO is Possible Plan: a statewide initiative bringing together the essential people, tools, and resources to end the HIV epidemic and eliminate Hepatitis C (HCV) in Indiana.

Our mission is to amplify the impact of ZIP Coalitions and their partners by connecting, informing, and mobilizing Hoosiers across the state.

Our purpose centers around three core pillars: Awareness & Education, Advocacy & Policy, and Care & Services.

We are committed to creating an inclusive space for all Hoosiers, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, or health status. We believe in the power of a unified voice and collective action to confront our greatest public health challenges. Together we can create real and lasting change in Indiana!

Brand Management

Continuud, a contractor of The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis, manages the Inzpyre brand. In addition to managing the Inzpyre brand, Continuud provides technical assistance and support to ensure that ZIP Coalitions can access best-practice tools and resources – ultimately accelerating progress toward ending HIV/HCV in Indiana.

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