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Knowing the basics about VIH and Hepatitis C is an essential step for anyone looking to protect or improve their health. That’s why we have compiled the answers to the most common questions. Search for your question, or browse through the topics to learn more.

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¿Cómo funciona la PPrE?

When exposed to the virus, it takes a few days for VIH to set ...
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¿Tengo que tomar la PPrE para siempre?

No. With guidance from a healthcare provider, people can start or stop taking PrEP ...
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¿Quién debe hacerse las pruebas?

Everyone should be tested for VIH. It is very important if you are sexually ...
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¿Qué es la hepatitis G?

Another rare form of hepatitis, hep G (HGV) is a chronic hepatic infection. About ...
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¿Cómo funciona la prueba del VIH?

Testing can involve an oral swab or a blood test, depending on where you ...
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¿Cuál es la forma más habitual de contagio del VIH?

The most common way VIH is passed from person to person is through sex. ...
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How can HIV be shared?

There are several ways VIH can be shared, but they are ALL bodily fluids: ...
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¿Qué es la hepatitis E?

Much like Hep A, Hepatitis E is often transmitted through food or water contaminated ...
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¿Qué es la hepatitis D?

Hepatitis D is a type of virus that actually stems from Hep B. This ...
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¿Qué es la hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is an infection that primarily affects the liver and is caused by ...
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¿Qué es la hepatitis neonatal/hepatitis idiopática de células gigantes?

Newborns may develop neonatal hepatitis within the first few months after birth. Idiopathic giant ...
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¿Se puede contraer el VIH compartiendo retrete?

No. VIH is not transmitted through saliva, urine, feces, vomit, sweat, animals, bugs, or ...
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