Answers To Your Questions About HIV & Hepatitis C Prevention

Knowing the basics about VIH is an essential step for anyone looking to protect or improve their health. That’s why we have compiled the answers to the most common questions. Search for your question, or browse through the topics to learn more.

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¿Qué es la hepatitis autoinmune?

In some cases, autoimmune disease can be the cause of hepatitis. This happens when ...
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¿Cuál es la forma más habitual de contagio del VIH?

The most common way VIH is passed from person to person is through sex. ...
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¿Me protegerá la PPrE de otras ITS o del embarazo?

PrEP does not protect against STIs or unwanted pregnancies, but you can use it ...
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¿Qué es la hepatitis G?

Another rare form of hepatitis, hep G (HGV) is a chronic hepatic infection. About ...
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¿Cuánto tarda la PPrE en hacer efecto?

Taking PrEP every day will allow it to reach max effectiveness after 7 days ...
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¿Con qué frecuencia tengo que tomar la PrEP?

PrEP should be taken once a day, at about the same time every day.
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How do I know if I’m undetectable?

The only way to know if your virus is undetectable is to get a ...
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¿Quién debe hacerse las pruebas?

Everyone should be tested for VIH. It is very important if you are sexually ...
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¿Cuál es la eficacia de la PPrE?

PrEP is more than 90% effective against VIH, but only when taken daily.
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¿Se cura del VIH una persona indetectable?

No, someone who is undetectable is still living with VIH, and the virus will ...
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¿Afectará la PPrE a mi tratamiento hormonal?

More research is needed, but PrEP appears to work for people taking gender-affirming hormones.
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Does undetectable mean I don’t need to wear a condom?

It depends. If you and your partner are monogamous (only having sex with each ...
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