ZIP Coalitions

Coalitions are collaborative networks of individuals and organizations that promote a shared goal. They bring together diverse stakeholders who provide knowledge, resources, and influence to address an issue or challenge, usually locally. By pooling their diverse expertise and resources, coalitions can more effectively advocate for change, develop strategies and solutions to problems, and work towards improving the well-being of their community. 

What are ZIP Coalitions?

ZIP Coalitions are a collaborative initiative that seeks to identify the needs of local communities, develop and implement support systems to address those needs, and monitor progress to ensure that everyone in the community has access to adequate services and care. The coalition is responsible for leading regional efforts to end the HIV epidemic and eliminate HCV in Indiana, involving diverse partners, utilizing data and information to set priorities and act strategically. ZIP Coalitions have a wide variety of responsibilities—from engaging stakeholders to developing strategies for addressing community needs—all to ensure that people living with HIV/HCV have access to the resources they need for optimal quality of life.  Ultimately, ZIP Coalitions are designed to be a powerful and effective tool in the fight against HIV/HCV, providing a platform for collaboration, information-sharing, and collective action.

Where are ZIP Coalitions?

ZIP Coalitions are currently active in many regions of Indiana. Each ZIP Coalition is tailored to the specific needs of its community and designed to facilitate collaboration between local stakeholders and organizations working to end HIV/HCV in their area. The strength of each Coalition varies depending on the capacity of its partners and resources available, but every region has a common goal: to reduce HIV/HCV transmission and increase access to care. With the support of IDOH, partners, and key stakeholders, ZIP Coalitions are poised to become an effective platform for collaboration and collective action on a local level. Together, we can work together to end the HIV/HCV epidemic in Indiana!

ZIP Coalitions are organized into 10 regions:


ZERO is Possible

Learn more about Indiana's Plan to End HIV and Hepatitis C by visiting the ZIP Indiana website.
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